Rolling with the punches:Late Frosts, Burnt Basil and Baby Turnips

I was really looking forward to getting started early on some summer crops, things seemed to be going well.  Then the frost hit, leaving in it’s wake devastated basil and tomato seedlings. There’s no recovering from that.  Seeded two more flats, along with another round of tomatoes.

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All In

“A man is a fool not to put everything he has, at any given moment, into what he is creating. You’re there now doing the thing on paper. You’re not killing the goose, you’re just producing an egg. So I don’t worry about inspiration, or anything like that. It’s a matter of just sitting down and working. I have never had the problem of a writing block. I’ve heard about it. I’ve felt reluctant to write on some days, for whole weeks, or sometimes even longer. I’d much rather go fishing, for example, or go sharpen pencils, or go swimming, or what not. But, later, coming back and reading what I have produced, I am unable to detect the difference between what came easily and when I had to sit down and say, ‘Well, now it’s writing time and now I’ll write.’ There’s no difference on paper between the two.”

Frank Herbert