IF/Then Vegetable Harvest Forecasting Spreadsheet

Vegetable Harvest Forecast

This is a spreadsheet created from form entries of vegetables that have been seeded.  There are 25 crops with their own unique days to maturity.  To the right of the column titled “Total Square Feet Planted” is the column titled “Estimated Date of Harvest” which is autogenerated from column B (“Timestamp”) plus column D (Days to Maturity).  The IF/Then formula I used is as follows:

=IF(C2=“Arugula”,40,IF(C2=“Artichokes”,85,IF(C2=“Beets”,50,IF(C2=“Carrots”,75,IF(C2=“Fennel”,70,IF(C2=“Green Onions”,65,IF(C2=“Cilantro”,50,IF(C2=“Lettuce Mix”,30,If(C2=“Spinach”,30,If(C2=“Summer Squash”,60,If(C2=“Radishes”,30,If(C2=“Green Beans”,55,If(C2=“Peas”,65,If(C2=“Leeks”,75,If(C2=“Chard”,55,If(C2=“Parsley”,75,If(C2=“Bok Choy”,45,If(C2=“Tatsoi”,45,If(C2=“Kale”,65,If(C2=“Cabbage”,63,If(C2=“Collard Greens”,55,If(C2=“Kohlrabi”,45,If(C2=“Brussel Sprouts”,100,If(C2=“Garlic”,180,If(C2=“Braising Greens”,30)))))))))))))))))))))))))

I am not sure what the limit is for crops that can be entered in this formula.  I actually took some crops out, as I wanted to focus on succession planted crops.  For certain there is lots of this that need more work, but it’s what I can contribute to the discussion between bunching baby turnips and seeding out flats of Vegetables.

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