Adaptable poly irrigation setup allows switching between drip and overhead micro

Some crops like overhead watering, others drip. For gardens with limited pressure and little frost, polytubing becomes an economical and efficient way to carry water over distance. Here are some setups and equipment I use:

Male threaded end cap to tie in drip or microsprinkler lines, usually at the start of beds and at the end of lines to splice together irrigation line quickly
Female hose end with barb to start a run of drip tubing
1/2 inch ball valve for shutting off individual beds in a serially connected system
1/2 inch tee to tie in different beds into the same water line
Female Hose bib compression adapter for polytubing. Usually goes at the beginning of irrigation lines.

So now begins the assembly:

cut in the 1/2 inch tee
add a 3-5 inch piece of polytubing to allow for burying the whole distribution line
add a 1/2 inch elbow directed toward bed, add another small piece of polytubing after elbow fitting
insert 1/2 inch ball valve, add another short piece of polytubing
push in compression end cap
thread on female hose end compression fitting and then layout the polytubing, ready for micro sprinkler install

drip tape locks and punch tool for installing. If you need more than two lines, use microsprinklers instead

Female Hose bib adapter fitting used to make a drip tape setup which can quickly be swapped in or out for microsprinkler setup
ground stakes keep drip setup from flexing too much, distribution line is buried and will not be tripped over
360 degree thread on sprinkler head
1/4 inch barb to transfer water from 1/2 inch distribution line (via 1/4 inch line) to sprinklers
Riser for sprinkler. threads into stake body; sprinkler heads thread into this on top
sprinkler stake that receives 1/4 inch spaghetti line and holds up riser
Finished product gets punched in with yellow tool every 3 feet down the bed to be watered. Use the 1/2 inch ball valve to adjust spray

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