Use google forms to simplify farm expense (and other types of) tracking

Last year, I created a google form to track farm expenses, based on a form I saw on the Beginning Farmers project website of Cornell University.  Since then, The farmers with whom I work are using two other google forms to record daily harvest totals and daily farm work activity.  It’s nice that the information is captured, on the spot with minimal effort, greatly improving our productivity.  Using a simple script, it becomes possible to email each form entry to multiple email accounts, thereby giving everyone whose connected to the project an instant update.  Everyone can also view work done by others on their phones through Sheets.  Here’s a great youtube video for setting this email delivery all up:

Expense Report

* Required
Date of Purchase
enter the date of the purchase
Description of Purchase / Detalles de Compra *
What Type Of Purchase Was This? *
  • Contracted Labor
  • Machine Expense (tiller, chipper, sod cutter)
  • Auto Expenses
  • Fuel (for truck and equipment)
  • Compost and Soil Amendments
  • Seed/Plants
  • Pest Control (Soaps, D. Earth, Traps)
  • Produce sales supplies (Rubber Bands, Bags)
  • Irrigation Supplies
  • Infrastructure, Hardware and Tools
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Water Bills
  • Conferences and Training
  • Special Events
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Phone Bill
How Much Was Spent? *


Eduardo R. Casarez

Shoshin Ecological Farming and Gardening


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