Updated Pic: Cinder Block Garden with hybrid irrigation system

The beds are approximately Fifteen Feet long by Three feet wide.  The area had a small hill which had to be graded and the soil itself was covered with a black plastic mulch which was ripped out.  The soil in each bed is the original soil that was in the ground, amended with compost acquired from a local goat ranch.  The top layer is bagged garden soil (one per bed)

At four foot intervals, pieces of 1 and a quarter inch pvc pipe were cemented into place down the outside of each bed.  This is to allow for putting in  a future shade structure if so desired.

The irrigation system consists of an overhead microsprinkler system/drip tubing hybrid that is connected into an automated irrigation valve.  The inline 1/2 valves allow for the use of one system at a time, and the male and female couplings allow for ease of disassembly during garden bed cultivation.  This system is perfect for polycultural planting practices, as it allows for establishment of a cover crop (buckwheat for example) via overhead and then can be switched to drip for plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants.

Update of Garden:

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